Romancing the Day Rate (HISTORICAL DATA FROM 2002)

Public Relations (per hour) $50$150
Commercial/Industrial Photographer8002,500
Location Photographer8002,500
Photographer's Assistant100150
Stock (based upon media usage)15010,000
Hair Stylist300700
Make-up Artist (still)300700
Food Stylist4001,000
Food Stylist Assistant 150225
Fashion Stylist350600
Art Director (per hour)4085
Commercial/Graphic Artist (per hour)2585
Writer/Copywriter (per hour)35110
Copy Editor3550

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Film & Video*LowHigh
Director, Commercial$1,200$18,000
Director, Film**VariesVaries
Assistant Director, Film550750
Assistant Director, Commercials (12hr)225400
Production Coordinator, Commercials225400
Production Manager, Commercials375500
Production Manager, Film5001,500
Production Assistant100200
Line Producer300700
Producer, Film450850
Producer, Video350600
Producer, Corporate/Industrial350600
Associate Producer 250400
Location Manager, Features250400
Location Manager, Commercials250400
Location Scout, Features125250
Location Scout, Commercials300500
Script & Continuity, Features (10hr)225350
Script & Continuity, Commercials (10hr)225350
Casting Director350750
Set Designer (10hr)250500
Storyboard Artist (per frame, b/w)20 50
Graphic Designer (per hour)25 85
Set Construction Coordinator250600
Prop Builder200600
Food Stylist400800
Stylist Assistant150225
Film Editor3001,500
Video Editor150750
Editing Assistant125175
Director of Photography, Film7503,500
Director of Photography, Video350750
Camera Operator, Film (10hr)350550
Camera Operator, Video (10hr)200350
Film Camera Assistant (10hr)300450
Steadicam Operator4001,000
Still Photographer (on-set usage)4001,400
Lighting Director, Video (10 hr)350750
Gaffer (10 hr)250400
Electrician (10 hr)225375
Best Boy (10 hr)225375
Key Grip (10 hr)300400
Dolly Grip (10 hr)250400
Grip (10 hr)240375
Rigging Grip (10 hr)240375
Location Sound Recordist/Mixer (10 hr)350500
Location Boom Operator200350
Transportation Coordinator 250350
Transportation Driver175350
Key Make-Up Artist (10hr)350550
Make-Up Artist Assistant (10hr)150250
Make-Up Artist, Special Effects (10hr)300550
Key Hair Stylist (10hr)300550
Hair Stylist, Assistant (10hr)150250
Key Wardrobe (10hr)300550
Wardrobe Buyer/Stylist Assistant (10hr)125250
Caterer/Location (per head)8 30

*Most Features pay on a weekly rate.

** Film Directors rates are highly subjective. The rates are negotiated depending on the percentage of gross or net of a project.

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Multimedia (Hourly)LowHigh
Web Designer$45$100
2D/3D Designer45100
Programmer, Interactive45120
Graphic Designer2585
Multimedia Producer45120

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Contact Numbers for Union Rates: DGA: (212) 581-0370
PGA: (310) 557-0807
IATSE Local 479 : (404) 885-9134
IATSE Local 320M (Savannah): (912) 233-8538
IATSE Local 600 Camera: (212) 647-7300
IATSE Local 798 Make-up & Hair : (212) 627-0660
Teamsters: (404) 622-0521